Boen Merbau (Мербау) - MEGV2PTD


without chamfering, heat treating, Matt lacquer

Specifications (Boen Merbau (Мербау) - MEGV2PTD)
Wood merbau
The thickness of the upper layer 3.5 mm
Heat treatment
Decor (Boen Merbau (Мербау) - MEGV2PTD)
The color tone brown
The number of bands 3-band
Floor Matt varnish
Dimensions (Boen Merbau (Мербау) - MEGV2PTD)
The thickness of the 14 mm
Board area 2200 x 209 mm
The number of boards in the stack 6
Size of the stack 2.76 m2
The coefficient of wood hardness Brinell 4.9
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